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10/30/15–Empty Chair

“The empty chair speaks great wisdom.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 10/30/15

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Growing Pains

This was a tweet from one of my teachers, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, this morning: “Just because something is legal doesn’t mean its right.” And just because something is illegal doesn’t mean its wrong. I remember this was one of those … Continue reading

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10/28/15–Challenge the Wind

“In the swirling tempest of life, there are times when we must challenge the wind and times to spin like autumn leaves dancing in a dust devil.”  ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 10/27/15

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I found this from early in September.  It was some thoughts strung together, like pearls on a string. “There is silence and then the words come, slowly born out of the stillness–they form, they touch, they connect, they embrace, they … Continue reading

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10/23/15–Life lesson

Life lesson:  “No matter how weak your knees get, your legs are still strong enough to carry you through anything!” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 10/22/15

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“Stay humble–even what you think you know, you might not know.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 10/21/15

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10/16/15–Simple Life Purposes 2

Continuation of life’s simple purposes/pleasures… What is life for? “Life is for scratching a wagging-tailed, brown-eyed dog behind the ears.”

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10/15/15–Simple Life Purposes

I’m going to post a few light-hearted thoughts for the next few days about the simple pleasures and purposes of life. Perhaps there are no great pleasures in life, only simple pleasures seen and lived in great ways. And perhaps … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Poetry

There’s a Communion of Words coming up in a couple weeks at church. I’ve been looking through my poetry this morning and I have 4 possible contenders. It’s such a vulnerable place. My writing is very personal and it makes … Continue reading

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