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9/23/16–The Writer

The Writer by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/23/16, 3AMish, the writer’s gloaming hour. A writer’s work is their atonement to life, their at-one-ment for living, at-one-ment with reader. Writers sacrifice their own selves to tell a story. They splay themselves, unabashedly … Continue reading

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If “If we can only find majesty in the mountains but not the valleys, If we can only find value in the gold but not the wood, If we can only find beauty in the flowers but not the weeds, … Continue reading

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“Life is a serendipitous happenstance.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/18/16 Like a seed cast to the wind, where it lands and takes root is a mystery.  To come across a wildflower in a field is an unexpected joy.  Life has no … Continue reading

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9/15/16–Take Your Loss

“Take your loss and live your life.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/15/16 So often we feel trapped–trapped in bad relationships, miserable jobs, unpleasant surroundings, drowning in possessions. We don’t want to give up what we already have secured for a chance … Continue reading

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9/12/16–Our Stuff

As I was making breakfast and putting away dishes this morning, my mind wandered to what peculiar primates we are. We like our “things.” I wonder how that developed evolutionarily. I like my flatwear put in the drawer a certain … Continue reading

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9/11/16–A Remembrance

“Memory rescues love when death has stolen breath.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/11/14.

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9/11/16–Life & Weather

I was driving home from a writer’s conference yesterday trying to beat the storm. The dark clouds were rolling in from the northwest. I was driving due east and the storm was converging on my route. The car was feeling … Continue reading

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9/10/16–Pretty Words

While outside watching the storm roll by, I heard a flock of geese. They descended from the clouds and there were only 5 of them. I wondered if that could even be called a flock because it was so small, … Continue reading

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9/10/16–The Only Must

What has helped me tremendously in life is realizing that I really don’t have to do anything, so long as I accept the consequences of my actions. That one proposition has helped my stress level tremendously (…and my Imodium intake.) … Continue reading

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9/10/16–My Left Foot

I realized today that my new, left shoe has a squeak. It’s both annoying and humorous. Every other step. Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.  An unceasing, unipedal reminder.  What is your squeak in life that cannot be silenced?  ~MRA  

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