Monica R. Ashbaugh

A native of the big city life of the northeastern United States, Monica is now tucked away in the sleepy, genteel beauty of the rural South. A self-professed dabbler in writing all her life, she now sees it has evolved into an art form, an expressive dance of words across the paper, a painting of one’s soul. Graduate of Penn State University, degreed in Biology, and a life-long lover of Nature, as a child, she could be found secreted away under the dining room table with her grandfather’s binoculars and Audubon Bird Field Guide, or crossing rocks across the creek in the park. She faithfully believes that Nature holds all the answers to all our questions. The forest is in her blood. Her heart beats in rhythm with the Earth. After some life tragedy, she could no longer keep her words inside, they spilled out and have continued to flow like tears some days, and a mountain stream others. She will write until she dies or until she runs out of words and heart.

Me march 25 2016 windy