Poetry 2013

Enough (a poem about radical gratitude)
By Monica R. Ashbaugh, 12/13/13-1/5/14

May you know enough—

Enough Clouds to cherish the magnificence of the Sun,

Enough Rain to smile up at the soft, blessedness of Blue Skies,

Enough Wandering to treasure the warmth and comfort of Home.

Enough Solitude to celebrate the loving embrace of Family & Friends,

Enough Uncertainty to believe in Yourself.

Enough Affliction to open your heart to Compassion,

Enough Tears to revel in the melody of Laughter,

Enough Adversity to acknowledge the good fortune of Success.

Enough Sorrow to remember the radiance of Happiness,

Enough Dark nights to have faith in the new hope of Dawn,

Enough Winters to anticipate the golden rapture of Summer.

Enough Unrest to pause in the quiet serenity of Peace,

Enough Falsehood to recognize the infinite resonance of Truth,

And, enough Heartbrokenness to rejoice in the ecstasy of Love.

My blessing for you is that you only know enough suffering so that you may vibrantly and blissfully appreciate all the wondrous joys in life. And if there be no Heaven, it shall be enough to carry you through eternity. So, in our final hour, let our last breath on our death beds be, “I knew enough.”

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 1/5/14

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 1/5/14



Broken Things
by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/28-11/29/13

There can be a beauty in broken down things.
It is when they are most open and raw.
The vulnerability,
The transparency,
The authenticity.
The reality of pain and our finite existence
Makes life more alive and precious.
Broken plans,
Broken promises,
Broken hearts,
Broken hopes,
Broken dreams,
Broken faith,
Broken people.
But in the broken places we have our greatest strength.
Our wounds,
Our deepest, broken sacred places
Are what heals and binds us together.



 Reflections in a Forest Pond
By Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/6/13

Sitting beside a mirror in the woods, I peer deeply to see my future.
Navigating my labyrinthine thoughts.

A leaf floats and spins on the water’s surface, like a compass with no North.
I wander directionless through life trying to find my center and purpose.

Striders miraculously skate on water until gulped by hungry fish.
I ponder all of life that has swallowed me up, leaving only a shadow.

I scry intensely into the sylvan illusion searching for answers,
Answers hidden or that might not even be.

A modern Narcissus, trapped by my gaze and wondering,
Rooted in the ground, by my fear and discontent.

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/6/14

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/6/14



Harmony of Leaves
~by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/25/2013

Leaves of many colors,
    And shapes,
      And sizes,
        And species
Rest in rainbow harmony on the ground.

The autumn wind blows and they dance;
    They rise,
      They drift,
        And they fall
Through the sky, like notes of music.

And they are again contented in where they come to lie;
      Side by side,
        In peaceable harmony.
There is great wisdom (to be learned) in the songs of autumn leaves.

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/14/2012

Photo by Monica R. Ashbaugh, 11/14/2012


Here there be fairies.

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