Short Stories

“Storytelling is a shared, creative process. Once you hear a story, it becomes yours–yours to tell. And what that story means now, has changed a little bit because of you. Your life experience, your veils and filters. You become the creator, the story builder. Stories are like jewels. Each teller carving and polishing a facet, crafting greater brilliance with each retelling.” ~Monica R. Ashbaugh, 9/25/15

The Cave, a parable
By Monica R. Ashbaugh, 12/26/13

There once was a cave, far-nestled in the lower earth, in which a salamander lived. One day a fox lost his way in the forest and wandered down deep into the cave. The fox came upon the salamander lying in the mud, looking up at the ceiling of the cave, mesmerized. The fox glanced up and was startled to see the ceiling covered with tiny lights, almost like stars glowing in the darkness. After looking a little closer the fox realized the cave ceiling was covered with glowworms, illuminating the dark rock.

The salamander, without ever averting his eyes from the ceiling, whispered to the fox in an awe-struck voice, “Aren’t the stars beautiful.”

“Stars?” The fox responded excitedly, amazed that the salamander could be so primitive and naïve, “Those are not stars. Climb onto my back and I shall ride you to the upper world and show you real and true stars, that number millions and millions in the night sky. I shall show you a Universe so vast you will be astounded.”

The salamander, still never diverting his eyes from the cave ceiling, said quietly, “I do not need to see your true and vast Universe, the beauty of my world is real and big enough.”

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